The Clipperton Project
- working alongside the Scott Polar Research Institute (SPRI), the 5 Gyres Institute, Seertech Solutions, Creative Scotland and the Centre for Interdisciplinary Research at the University of the Republic in Uruguay - will embark on a major expedition to South Georgia in March 2014 in order to undertake plastic surveys and study other issues appertaining to the decrease in Wandering Albatross populations at some of the island's most remote and inhospitable locations.

The Wandering Albatross is an animal facing extinction because of ingrained human behaviour; behaviour which includes long-line fishing and plastic pollution. Even in the remote subantarctic, plastics are impacting marine wildlife.

While we work closely with international research institutes and organisations, we are in need of extra support because of the scope of our international outreach, which is key to achieving our aims.

Neither the Wandering Albatross nor its threats respond to human-set boundaries, and neither do we.

Our Team

Gordon Liddle - Expedition Leader - Scotland

Pearse Buchanan - Biological Oceanographer - Australia

Learn more about Pearse

Kimberly Onton - Seabird Ecologist - Australia

Learn more about Kim

Dominic Mochan - Teacher - Scotland

Learn more about Dom

Felipe Sanmartin Suñer - Social Historian - Spain

Reece Pedler - Ornithologist - Australia

Learn more about Reece

Dave Wheeler - Meteorologist - Scotland

Sybren Renema - Artist & Musician - Holland

Learn more about Sybren

Alejandro Irigoyen Lazzeri - Engineer & Businessman - Mexico

Learn more about Alejandro

Sergio Sanchez - Sound Recordist & Photographer - Mexico

Learn more about Sergio

Arturo Lavin - Photographer & Businessman - Mexico

Perdita Phillips - Contempory Artist - Australia

Learn more about Perdita

Natasha Hardy - Marine Scientist - Australia

Learn more about Natasha

... ALL will work together for the Wandering Albatross
... ALL will communicate environmental stewardship
... ALL are Subantarctic Expeditionaries

The expedition’s findings will tour the world, freely available, through:

Why The Clipperton Project?

When the census is complete, that's when the work really begins. We will take the plight of the Wandering Albatross to the global community.

We passionately believe in the power of people and community, in the remarkable things we can achieve when working together. Our work will not only highlight the plight of the Wandering Albatross, but will also educate for the future. In particular, the future for our environment.

Bringing together passionate and inspiring people from so many nationalities for the cause of conservation and scientific understanding of this majestic bird will inform people, but, more importantly, will also demonstrate to them what they can achieve when they decide to participate in their own lives – because we can all be expeditionaries.

Other affiliates that we continue to work with in other regions include, but are not limited to:

Recent Updates

Wow... We have achieved 67% of our target with our donations now totalling over $13,000. With another 10 days left, can we make the big $20,000?

I think so!

Thanks all!

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With over 1500 visitors, 130 donations and $7,500 we have managed to achieve over 30% of our ambitious $25,000 target. Thank you to all who believe in us and the beautiful Wandering Albatross.

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Concerts around the World
Starting tonight in both Preston, UK, and in Tequisquipan, Mexico, The Clipperton Project will be hosting a series of free concerts dedicated to raising awareness about the threats to the Wandering Albatross.

In the coming weeks concerts will be held in Uruguay, Mexico, Spain, Scotland, Thailand and Australia.

If you make your home in one of these places, get involved and attend! Email...

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The big 5K!
Thank you to everyone who has donated so far! The last few days have seen our donations sky-rocket. What a wonderful achievement to hit $5,000 and the 20% mark. Incredible.

But while our donations go up, the Wandering Albatross declines. The following data collected by The British Antarctic Survey shows the consistent decline into 2010. What will it be in 2014? With your support we will be...

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With the welcome of scientists Natasha Hardy, Kimberly (Action Kim) Onton and Reece Pedler to the team, we have managed to crack the 4K mark. Soon onto the big 5...

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The first big step
A big thanks to everyone who has donated so far. Although we have a lot of ground to make up, you have all helped us take a big first step towards the survey and in the conservation of the Wandering Albatross.

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Recent Donations

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Tarek Iskander $30.00 Best thing ever
Jenny Barker $30.00
Rebecca Ryan $50.00 Keep up the good work!
Hugh Jones $75.00 All the best with this work
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Louise Gavin $100.00 Enjoy your trip Reece
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Jennifer Lewis $30.00
Anonymous Donor $75.00 For the lucky recipient of a birthday present print
Judith Pedler $120.00 Have fun. Learn lots. Come home safe.
Anonymous Donor $300.00 Great work deserves support.
John O'Keefe $30.00 glad to play small part in this - well done to all those making a difference!
Jan Heuff $30.00 Great work people!
mike stacey $20.00
Jimena Gorraez-Connolly $30.00
Jackie Watts $30.00 all the best - sounds amazing!
Andrew Dolan $150.00 don't forget your abacus
EMILAN GARCIA $75.00 Big Succes in this new expedition!
Karen Cullen $100.00
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Emy Puliga $30.00
David Page $90.00 Buena suerte
Sjouck en Kees Bakker $20.00 met beppe's trui meer mans
Vivienne Glance $150.00 Perdita Phillips fundraiser
Terri Bosman $75.00 Good luck Dominic
Tijl & Wytske de Jonge $20.00 Be a man, wear woolen underwear ;-)
Arjen en Francis Bakker $20.00 Have fun!
Michael Selby $60.00 Keep up the great work!!!
Alejandro Marti $50.00 Have a wonderful adventure!
Holly Story $50.00 Go Perdy !
Megan Dixon $20.00 Reece - The first of many adventures I am sure :)
Jane Hussell $30.00 Have an amazing time
Chris Birkinshaw $40.00 No need for the gift thanks
Mariana Sanchez $30.00 Suerte!!!!!!!
Amanda Curtin $30.00
Anonymous Donor $80.00 Hope you meet an orca Reece
Jan Clarke $30.00 Alan Holbrook's sista-an educator with a passion for wild spaces. Great cause Pearse.
Anonymous Donor $20.00
Lynley and Ross Macleod $30.00 Would prefer t-shirt instead of poster thanks
Penny McKeague $30.00
Mark Wilson $100.00 Mochas - hope all well. Apologies for delay. Hope this helps!!
Phil Arnold $20.00 Good luck pal!
Di Souphandavong $30.00
Sean Hubert $200.00 150 of this is for sunscreen so your gentle Scottish skin doesn't get sunburnt. Make sure you send regular updates!
Ilse Mochan $75.00 I wish I was coming with you!
Charlie Mochan $75.00
Lachlan Fetterplace $30.00
Lucy Dodd $25.00
Nelson Cassis $30.00 Cachardones.
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